We believe in and breathe empathy


Corporate Social Responsibility has found a prominent place in the policy framework of almost all the big organizations. It is imperative that businesses understand and appreciate the fact that they have moral and social obligations towards the society. And it is encouraging to know that more and more organizations are rising up to the responsibility.

Businesses are increasingly becoming ‘triple bottom line’; and this gained momentum recently with the passage of the Companies Act, 2013, and the two percent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) clause. Describing CSR, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) stated that it was “a way of conducting business, by which corporate entities visibly contributed to the social good.” If we talk about Compare Infobase Ltd.; even before the term “CSR” was introduced we have been finding ways to do our share and give back to the society and make this a better world.

The organization has time and again hired on rolls differently abled individuals. We have never showed any reluctance in associating ourselves with differently abled talent. One of our employees with hearing impairment is with us for more than 10 years now; and he continues to contribute towards the business operations. There have been many others like him who have worked with us and then moved out for better opportunities. One of them was trained by us and has been successfully placed in a government job.

We have been associated with ‘Family Of Disabled(FOD)’ for over 15 years now. Family of Disabled (FOD) is a registered not-for-profit organization serving persons with disabilities since 1992. FOD strives to enable disabled people with low socio-economic status earn their livelihood, promote quality education amongst children, encourage artists and artisans with disabilities to showcase their talent and create awareness on issues related to disability. Compare Infobase has been extending its support in all ways; also providing our full support in organizing their yearly exhibition, ‘Beyond Limits’.

The promoter and MD of Compare, Mr. Simarprit Singh is associated in his personal capacity with Shaheed Major Vikram Yadav Trust, which is a social endeavor in loving memory of a proud and brave son of India who gave the prime sacrifice of his life for his nation. Shaheed Major Vikram Yadav Trust has its core in values which Major Vikram had cherished and propagated: Pride (Nationalism), Peace, Agility, Ability and Progress for all. This trust has been established with the motto to provide educational support to deserving students who are unable to pay for their education. Compare Infobase Ltd. also plays a supporting role in this endeavor of Mr. Simarprit Singh.

The organization has also supported St. Stephen’s Hospital in building their website. This has further aided the hospital in taking their charitable initiatives across geography.

The organization has extended technical support for a project specially designed for drought relief and goes by the name http://www.dogoodnow.in/. It is a project initiated by a group of professionals from software industry and from rural development who have decided to explore the possibility of setting up an Information Technology platform to help the people affected by drought. Both our directors Mr. Simarprit Singh and Mr. Sharad Poddar and the entire technology team are supporting the project.

Compare Infobase Ltd. has always tried to ensure that the human angle is not forgotten while doing business. The organization chooses to go beyond the professional front and practice empathy with its employees. The efforts of the organization to ensure well-being of the society at large is not driven by any tax benefit agenda; it is purely driven by ‘Empathy’. We are so very proud of our management which has always inculcated a culture of giving back to the society.

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