HR Initiatives at Compare


We work for joy; joy of all our stakeholders. And we definitely second the thought of Mr. Vineet Nayar (former CEO HCL Technologies) which states that ‘Employee First, Customer Second’.

To ensure that the team at Compare gets a healthy, safe and fun environment to thrive, the HR policies and initiatives have been crafted accordingly. We have time and again fine-tuned our processes to foster a welcoming culture.

Herein we would like to discuss few of these initiatives which are our USP and have contributed immensely to the development of our organization.

1.      Food: One of the basic needs of mankind. At Compare we lay great importance on serving quality and hygienic food. And this food is available to the individuals at a highly subsidized cost. Snacks and Masala Tea are also served at the workstation. Our MD himself ensures that the weekly menu is a combination of healthy and balanced meals. Regular food surveys are conducted to get valuable feedback and to improve upon the offerings.

2.   Flexi-Timing: We are all in for work-life balance and want to ensure that members do not take undue stress. Previously we had fixed office time and we often noticed members rushing to office to avoid late entry. At times of delay due to personal emergency the members used to be upset. To find a feasible solution we introduced the flexi-timing; now members have to spend stipulated number of hours at office. Individuals can now plan their day according to their professional and personal commitments. And as a result of this initiative, at the end of the day we have a highly motivated workforce.

3.   Leave Flexibility: The paid holidays have been divided into categories of casual leave, medical leave and earned leave. There is flexibility in the number of leaves one can have in CL and EL based on individual requirement.

4.   Work From Home: In case of medical requirement and constraints individuals are allowed to work from home too. And the number of days are not restricted; it is completely based on the genuine requirement of the individual.

5.      Recreation: We celebrate our people; we celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and work anniversaries. The organization celebrates all the major festivals at workplace. The month-end celebration brings everyone together for moments of fun and enjoyment. There are regular competitions like Chess, Carrom, Ludo and Scrabble to help everyone unwind.

6.      Sexual Harassment Policy: As per NASSCOM guidelines we have a prevention of sexual harassment at workplace policy. We value each and every employee working with us and wish to protect their dignity and self-respect. The organization has zero tolerance for offence of this nature and it has taken tough actions in the past as well, resulting in the immediate termination of the offenders.

7.      Appreciation: We have recently introduced another strategy to appreciate and motivate the team at Compare with the ‘Appreciation at Workplace’ project. The objective is to give a thumbs-up and a pat on the back on the spot to the ones deserving the appreciation. We go about it in a way so that the surprise element is retained.

We have and we will continue to add more blossoms to the bouquet of initiatives to create a workplace which touch the lives of all the members and the sweet fragrance of Compare’s memory is etched in their minds forever.

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