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Womanpower at Compare


We are one of the few organizations in the internet industry that have a very encouraging male to female ratio of 2.16:1. The numbers never lie; the woman workforce at Compare would be a fine example of Womanpower. But what is ‘Womanpower’? The Oxford dictionary defines the word as ‘a self-reliant attitude among women manifested in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism.’

Compare is proud to have an egalitarian culture; a culture where we follow zero discrimination. It is the impact of the same that the organization has been able to recruit and retain talented female workforce. Over the years these individuals have made their mark on the overall organizational structure. We believe that there are three essential traits which make individuals powerful; namely drive, confidence and independence. And these traits are prevalent in the existing workforce at Compare, especially among the women in the organization.

We are inspired by the fact that one of the promoters of the company is a woman, she is also the director on board and is playing the role of Creative Head and project-in-charge of one of our leading web property, Womanpower is further reflected by the fact that the CEO of our mapping division is a dynamic woman. She has confidently driven herself and independently taken charge of many important projects and this has led to her climbing the corporate ladder. In our middle management team there are three women out of the total team size of nine people. There are numerous such examples at Compare; and this shows that women participation exists in the organization right from the top management to the bottom line of execution. The women at Compare have proved their mettle, stood their ground and contributed immensely to the organizational objectives. As a result, they have earned the respect of one and all.

This has been possible only because the culture of the organization provides them the opportunity to shed the inhibitions and chase their corporate dreams. There are policies in place which strengthen and empower the workforce including the right Recruitment policy, which hires candidates on the basis of aptitude and attitude, where gender does not play a decisive role. The promotions are based on performance and capability with a focus on accountability and results. The much needed support to the young mothers is extended in the form of maternity leave and also, the mothers are allowed to bring their kids to office on days when child care arrangement emergencies arise.

The organization has been successful in creating a workplace where women feel safe and secure; it is paramount for an organization to create a friendly and safe environment because both physical and psychological fears create great hindrance. By taking care of these factors and many others, Compare has ensured that the women are empowered in the truest sense and bring more power to the organization.

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Cut the Cake, the monthly celebration at Compare


The other day I attended an HR Summit and during networking we shared details about the employee engagement initiatives we adopt at our organizations. During the course of discussion when I talked about the activities and initiatives at Compare, the idea of ‘Cut The Cake’ celebration caught everyone’s attention.

Compare has always been honoring its people in more than one ways. But the ‘Cut The Cake’ is the most awaited event of the month. This celebration started way back in 2009; the idea was to have a get-together every month beyond the sphere of work to enjoy each other’s company. Over the years we have made some changes in the format of the celebrations but the central theme has been the same. It has always been an occasion to come together and celebrate. It is that time of the month when individuals feel special. The team members who celebrated their birthday in the month; cut the cake, the contributions of all those who completed more than 3 years in the month is acknowledged. There are fun one minute games, dumb charade, tongue twisters and celebrity quizzes. During this hour, we all shed our inhibitions, work stress and deadline duress. Our Directors, CEO, Sr. Management and entire team Compare comes together as one, to share moments of fun and get relaxed.

There have been some latest additions to the celebration which has lifted everyone’s spirit. Now we also get to try our luck with the ‘Chair Lottery’; as we have a draw of names for 4 lucky winners every month. And the recently celebrated 71st ‘Cut The Cake’ saw the addition of another flavor. It is about the freshly initiated project which goes by the name ‘Appreciation at Workplace’ and during the cake cutting celebration we invited the winners to share their reaction when they got the surprise thank you note. The moments well spent brings a smile on everyone’s face at day end and so does the flavorsome snacks served after the event.

Yes, amongst the many big and small positive activities we carry out for employee engagement; ‘Cut The Cake’ takes the cake.


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