Learning Curve at Compare


The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice – Brian Herbert

As Wikipedia defines it, a learning curve is a graphical representation of the increase of learning (vertical axis) with experience (horizontal axis). Like most of the internet companies, Compare too has a probation period of 6 months for all new employees. This period is crucial as we surely cannot ignore the fact that however fine-tuned the hiring process is, the probability of the new hire not performing as per expectations is always present. This period is an quintessential training period; the training methodology is a combination of classroom training; assignment-based training and on-the-job training. Learning is of primary importance and all resources are made available to ensure a steep learning curve opportunity for the new hires.

The first step towards learning is creating a non-threatening environment and the work environment of Compare promotes learning for sure. The organizational business model is such that it is imperative that the new hire, especially those in the digital marketing and project management profile, get a comprehensive training wherein they are introduced to every element of the operations and marketing. The training is provided by numerous employees who are the knowledge heads for a particular domain. The new hires are provided with all necessary tools to enhance their learning efficiency. The training programme, based on classroom and assignments, is usually for a month and a half. This training is appropriately scheduled to minimize the challenges at the end of the trainer as well who have to carry out their work function in addition to the training.

After the completion of the classroom and assignment-based training module, the individuals get to implement the learning on live projects. The on-the-job training is always coupled with daily and weekly feedback to ensure the reinforcement of the concepts and methodologies. The assignment of projects is based on individual strength, capability and interest.

This training methodology has helped the organization and the new hires immensely and as a result we see an exponential learning curve. Over the years Compare has provided an excellent learning platform to all its team members. And the learning benefits the individual climb up the corporate ladder and more importantly this growth is not limited within Compare, for they spread out far and wide. The old associates of Compare have established a credible name for themselves in the industry and we are happy to have been able to provide the right learning direction and the necessary hands-on experience.

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.- Harold S. Geneen

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