The 3 A’s at Compare: Attitude, Aptitude & Academics


During the hiring process every organization looks for some general skill sets in the prospective employees. These skills sets can be the technical and informational skill, the research and analysis skill, the creativity and communication skill or the behavioral and leadership skill. The must-have skill varies from company to company. The priority of skill is matched to the work culture and the philosophy of the organization of course.

For Compare, we have opted for the three ‘must haves’ as :

  1. Attitude: The will and positive approach can make or break deals and projects. It never helps to have a highly decorated talent at workstation who has a pessimistic approach. To ensure that the team members are motivated, the organization introduces many HR initiatives. But nothing works better than ‘self-motivation’ and it is only possible if individual has a positive attitude. This helps in accomplishing tasks and goals much faster and the entire work process becomes enjoyable. A positive attitude further helps establish a good relationship with colleagues as well. In today’s era of elevated stress at work, the right attitude provides the necessary magic potion to avoid detrimental health effects. Hence, during the hiring process Compare tries to understand the basic attitude of an individual before closing the position.
  1. Aptitude: Every job position calls for some basic abilities which aid in carrying out the responsibilities. The aptitude is a reasonable enough barometer to identify the success probability of an individual. We conduct evaluation tests for every job position and these evaluation methods also help us identify areas of training for future enhancements.
  1. Academics: Over the years, we have understood that there are certain job roles in which individuals who have a credible academic record perform exceptionally well. Having said that, we would like to bring into light that there have been the out of ordinary experiences as well wherein employees with average academic score have outperformed.

Hence, identifying the priority list of ‘must-haves’ is unique for every profile and position. This has worked well for us and we are glad that the talent at Compare is a very capable force which is rightly skilled to achieve greater success whenever guided by the right strategy.


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