Work-Life Balance at Compare

linkedin_post_18janWe no longer live in times of a nine-to-five job profile, we are into the age of 24/7 work pattern. Technological advancements have brought blessings of seamless connectivity, faster data processing, smart-phones, and amazing devices to make physical presence at workplace so very dispensable. Then why so often than not, this blessing seems like a bane. Carrying handheld devices to the dinner table, taking calls during precious moments with family and friends, burning the midnight oil trying to clear all pending mails, waking up late with a heavy head to start another strenuous day with important work mails already beeping on the handheld device and so goes the story.

The internet is overflowing with articles on coveted HR terms of “Work-life Balance”, “Work Burn Out”, “Work Stress” with more and more organizations asking their Human Resource team to work out policies to tame this raging bull. We have fancy terminologies used by the HR community which all boils down to this simple organizational predicament of “Work-life Balance”.

At Compare though, there have hardly been any incidents of exit due to lack of work-life balance. The organization’s work processes are such that individuals rarely have to compromise on their personal time due to professional commitments. Occasionally, there might be impending deadlines which makes one stay back late or work over the weekend to honor the work commitments. However, most of the work plan is scheduled to ensure that the organization is not causing undue work stress to the team.

Moreover, we have introduced the semi-flexi worktime which has allowed the team members to accommodate both professional and personal life without causing any unjustified stress to the flow of either. In circumstances wherein it is difficult for individuals to come to office due to family emergency, we also provide work-from-home option and the period depends on the genuine requirement of the individual. Earlier, most of the team members had all their Saturdays as working but that was changed in this financial year with alternate Saturdays as off days.

Compare always tries to realign the policies with the changing requirements of the stakeholders – with an objective to create a conducive work environment. We understand that a conflict between family and work can have a negative impact on individual’s family life and career goals, hence Compare, as a workplace, provides the kind of environment wherein we can breathe and thrive and the work and life equilibrium is set.

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