Boomerang Hiring: Return of Ex-Employees

A recent study has revealed that there is an increasing trend of ex-associates going back to the same organization. The term used to define this is ‘Boomerang Employees’. There has been a change in mindset and we see frequent instances of employees who left an organization going back when there is a suitable vacancy.
Previously many organizations had policies against hiring ex-employees but this is changing rapidly. At Compare, though, we were always open to the idea of having our ex-employees back, the term for this policy is ‘Regretted Exit’ policy. Our employees might have left us for varied reasons like better career prospects, to explore different options or due to some personal circumstances but the exits have been mostly amicable and we have kept our doors open for them to return.

In recruitment, there is always a factor of not knowing the other party completely; that is the reason it takes time for an employee-employer relation to shape up as mutually desired. But at times there are failures too. In case of Boomerang hiring, both the parties know each other very well, hence the fear of the unknown is eliminated. At Compare, we have many such employees who are serving their second or third stint in the organization. At present, there are about 10 employees who have rejoined the organization. The boomerang employees presently working with us are at all levels and across all domains including IT, Ad Revenue, BD, Project Management, UI and HR.

We have an active alumni group on Facebook and we try to stay connected with all our ex-employees. Individuals who have switched jobs still have an emotional connect with the organization. Every achievement; be it big or small, is shared with the group to keep them updated and moreover to acknowledge their contribution. It is for this reason that our ex-employees are comfortable discussing the present job opening at Compare if it suits their skill sets and experience. And, as an organization, we too reach out to ex-employees whenever we feel there is a vacancy that might appeal to them.

For us, it has been more about staying connected and keeping that human touch and this works very well as is evident from the latest trend of ‘Boomerang Hiring’ that the industry is waking up to.
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