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Working to Attain Zero Downtime


An organization is like an organism, with various individuals, teams and departments serving as different body parts and organs. With each part, or organ contributing in the overall health and well-being of the organization. In an organization like ours where each team, or department is working in tandem with one another, the efficiency and the resultant productivity will take a beating if any team’s support is lacking – much like in a living, biological organism.

Compare Infobase operates in the highly volatile internet domain, a domain where uptime is of utmost importance. We have to have our websites up and running; for any outage will cause a dent to the goodwill and business. Only the best infrastructure unit can support this goal; hence, it is imperative that the support teams operate proficiently. The organization works hard and smart to strive for ‘zero downtime’.

Compare Infobase has been able to form a team of professionals and put a process in place for working round the clock. The members in the server support identify the critical elements to achieving our goal and accordingly introduce relevant technical interventions to strengthen the server infrastructure. The potential and benefits of cloud hosting were realized and we were one of the early adopters. Our multiple web servers are mostly load balanced and the processes defined with well-established escalation matrix et al. All this has helped us immensely in keeping the uptime between 98-99 percent.

Similarly, the IT support team takes regular precautionary measures to avoid IT infrastructural issues. The team also ensures that any technical glitch in systems and networking is immediately resolved with negligible loss of time and work. The systems and peripherals are well-maintained and thus, the IT and networking of the organization well-oiled.

While we work diligently on the IT and server support, we are also consciously aware of the major support we get from the power uptime team. There is an in-house electrical and hardware maintenance individual who ensures that there are adequate checks and triggers in the infrastructure, which enable timely intervention without noticeable outage.

The timely testing and subsequent intervention by the support teams have aided in making the user experience positive and they keep our dream to attain ‘zero downtime’ alive.


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The MyIndia Story


Since its inception in 1998, MapsofIndia has existed with one purpose, the purpose of bringing information on and about India to global audience. We have been there for almost two decades now and as is the norm, there have been invariable changes in how we set out to achieve this purpose. The site has grown beautifully and taken the numero uno position as a mapping portal. Other than delivering on its own merit, it has added a number of sub-sites to make the information more readily available.

In this growth story, we have, over the course of four years, intertwined another story. The story of MyIndia which follows the “Golden Circle Rule” to a ‘T’.

Yes, we first questioned ourselves “WHY” and the answer was, “We wanted to be an ideal resource for readers looking for current insights on the latest developments, on a wide spectrum of topics pertaining to India”.

Then came the subsequent “HOW”! So, we went ahead and created an opinion site – a site within a site which had its own URL but resounded well with Mapsofindia. And so, we had the offering, or the “WHAT” of the Golden Circle rule in MyIndia, a well thought out site which is a unique digital hub of information, analysis and opinion about key aspects related to India encompassing its culture, polity, business, finance, society, sports, science, etc.

The site has grown as a magazine month-over-month for almost 48 months in a row. Currently, MyIndia has 12 broad categories – Business, Culture, Reviews, Food Recipes, Education, Politics, India, Social Issues, Sports, Technology, Travel, and covers a vast variety of subjects and links them with facts and maps wherever needed.

Every week about 14-15 stories are published and each story has facts presented in a simplified/ actionable manner. To aid in better communication of the thought, each story is accompanied with a customized graphic.

The opinions and afterthoughts on various themes found on MyIndia, however, may sometimes chime with the popular notions or opinions, or reflect conflicting thoughts at other times. But it stands on its own; the site neither aligns with any political party nor has any specific line of thought other than it being all about India that is ours.

The site draws thousands of visitors on any given day, and we believe the primary reason for our audience to return to us is based on two very strong principles –

  1. We don’t repeat stories or beat around the bush. If a story is covered twice, it is on a different take and is a kind of enhancement to the existing story line.
  2. The site doesn’t endorse sensationalism and believes instead in stories with merit. Hyping or exaggerating to get more eyeballs is not our goal or intention and it never will be.

The story of MyIndia is about a project’s success! It is a project that exists for a purpose and has found readership among numerous like-minded people, and further driven deeper engagement.


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