Humans of Compare


When Neeraj joined us back in 2004, he was associated with Mapsofindia (MOI) team as a Runner. The salary he started with was Rs. 4000.

His job responsibility was to go to different cities and collect maps for us. This was an important and interesting exercise as MOI was making various city maps. Neeraj used to cover different states, one state every month. Collecting maps from Punjab, Haryana, UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, West Bengal, Chandigarh, Rajasthan… different cities, different languages… but Neeraj managed beautifully.

Neeraj was instrumental in getting the maps approved from authorities in Dehradun. And in 2005 when we took up the Citi Bank project, Neeraj took the initiative to collect GPS points from Pune.

In-between whenever he had the time, he learned MS Word, MS Excel and helped us in organizing/ documenting the collected maps and information from different centers.

In 2006-7 when we started collecting local data, he took up the initiative in training the survey team about GPS and point collection. He led a team of 100-plus survey team to do the data collection and also ensured that the collected data was entered and documented.

In 2009-10 when the organization discontinued with survey projects, Neeraj learnt drupul, and helped in converting the existing web pages into drupul.

Simultaneously, Neeraj took the initiative of running the search position every month for different keywords to lend a hand to the short-staffed SEO team.

Neeraj has time and again demonstrated his ability to seek knowledge; learn new things and improve, adding value to himself and the organization. Presently, he knows MS word and excel, Photoshop, basic HTML. Although he is not an expert but sure is an avid learner and a great team player.

At present, he handles the map image upload for both the map stores i.e. and for us, and also does the MIS reporting as and when required.

Today he is designated as Assistant Manager- Data Support and is drawing a handsome salary.

Neeraj is an inspiration for everybody at Compare. He never says ‘That’s not my job’; he goes ahead, takes responsibility, and gets the work done.

We know of so many successful people around us and their stories inspire us; the objective behind sharing Neeraj’s story with you is to give due recognition and appreciation to a very inspiring individual amongst us.

Compare is always willing to give you the opportunity if you are willing enough to take that ownership in job.


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