Working to Attain Zero Downtime


An organization is like an organism, with various individuals, teams and departments serving as different body parts and organs. With each part, or organ contributing in the overall health and well-being of the organization. In an organization like ours where each team, or department is working in tandem with one another, the efficiency and the resultant productivity will take a beating if any team’s support is lacking – much like in a living, biological organism.

Compare Infobase operates in the highly volatile internet domain, a domain where uptime is of utmost importance. We have to have our websites up and running; for any outage will cause a dent to the goodwill and business. Only the best infrastructure unit can support this goal; hence, it is imperative that the support teams operate proficiently. The organization works hard and smart to strive for ‘zero downtime’.

Compare Infobase has been able to form a team of professionals and put a process in place for working round the clock. The members in the server support identify the critical elements to achieving our goal and accordingly introduce relevant technical interventions to strengthen the server infrastructure. The potential and benefits of cloud hosting were realized and we were one of the early adopters. Our multiple web servers are mostly load balanced and the processes defined with well-established escalation matrix et al. All this has helped us immensely in keeping the uptime between 98-99 percent.

Similarly, the IT support team takes regular precautionary measures to avoid IT infrastructural issues. The team also ensures that any technical glitch in systems and networking is immediately resolved with negligible loss of time and work. The systems and peripherals are well-maintained and thus, the IT and networking of the organization well-oiled.

While we work diligently on the IT and server support, we are also consciously aware of the major support we get from the power uptime team. There is an in-house electrical and hardware maintenance individual who ensures that there are adequate checks and triggers in the infrastructure, which enable timely intervention without noticeable outage.

The timely testing and subsequent intervention by the support teams have aided in making the user experience positive and they keep our dream to attain ‘zero downtime’ alive.


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