Elections.in, India’s First Election Website


Compare Infobase was established with a vision to incubate and ideate projects and over a period of 19 years, it has incubated over 500 projects. Of the numerous projects we have incubated, Elections.in is one of the most successful projects.

As an organization, we have worked around projects which aim to bring information to the end user; information which they can use, and information which will help them dive deep into any domain.

For a country like India – the largest democracy in the world – elections are an important and regular feature. Every five years, governments are elected at the federal and state levels by over 1.2 billion voters. And thus, in 2014, we initiated our project on elections as www.Elections.in – India’s first election website.

Elections.in is an indispensable repository of knowledge; whether you want to possess the information on the actual workings of the electoral system of India, or are looking to read in-depth articles. The website is a holistic guide to the conduct of elections and a one-stop source for all that you seek to know on elections in the country.

The website offers huge mounds of information in an easy-to-navigate manner to help you sift, assess, and analyze all the latest election events. Elections.in gives you all the information about the political parties, political leaders, contesting parties, profiles of candidates, constituencies, and latest news related to politics and elections. In addition, it also helps the users seeking information on how to register for voting, who can vote in India, what is the importance of voting and elections in our country, and so forth.

At present, the website covers the General Elections and the Assembly Elections; it brings to you everything related to elections as they unfold. The opinion poll section of the website allows the users to express themselves and get their voices heard.

The website has been growing at a considerable pace and at present, on a non-election day, it does 30,000 sessions and 75,000 page views. On election days, though, the website does around 90,000 sessions and 130,000 page views. What’s encouraging is that the last record on a high trend day was 5,000,000 (5 million) sessions and 19,000,000 (19 million) page views. The project is ambitious and soon plans to cover the municipal elections as well.

We are proud of the website because, although it works with a very small team but on high trend days, the entire organization comes together to contribute in any which way they can, to ensure that our audience gets current, credible, and consistent information. The counting days are special when the energy levels are high and most of us are busy updating the information on the website.

Elections.in is a beautiful example of how team Compare joins hands in times of need, as we walk together towards our common goal of making our projects successful.

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