Teamwork Saw Us Through


In the last week’s post, I shared about our website and how it was doing good because of team effort.

This week I would like to share with all how we went about covering the political tsunami that blew over most of India. March 11 was always going to be a big day, a day when five states – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand, with overall 690 seats, went into counting and releasing of subsequent results. It was a day, right before the festival of colors, Holi, when the fate of these five states was to be written. And surely, it was another high trend day for our website

Our experience helped us plan for the resources that might be required to ensure that the website streamed flawless live coverage. The entire organization got together to contribute and make the project gallop towards its target. Here’s how the work was broadly distributed amongst the various teams at Compare.

The Data Entry team, consisting of eight team members, worked around the clock to ensure that the updates, as and when declared by the Election Commission Of India, were seamlessly updated on the website. We could afford to provide a live coverage of the results only because of the joint efforts of the team.

The contribution of the Technology and Server Support teams was incredible. It is because of their planning and efficient working that the website had 100 percent uptime in spite of a constant increase of traffic. The load was well-balanced and the website did not face any challenges.

Being a website it is imperative that we stay at the top of the SERP game. Hence, we identified a Search team from the online marketing domain which pinpointed the relevant keywords, strategized around it and ensured traffic to the website.

The contribution of the Creative team and Content team is worth mentioning, for they have continuously provided their valuable support to the project.

The Social Media team worked under the direct supervision of our Managing Director and ensured that the Twitter fraternity finds relevant, correct, and instant updates via our website.

The Administration team provided the much-needed support to keep the teams going, while the management lead from the front and kept all the teams motivated.

Projects and days like this bring in a fresh breath of positive energy and as a result, the organization blooms and basks in the spirit of teamwork.


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