Focused Approach Leads to Success

LinkedIn_Post_22MarMore often than not we find ourselves doing a task without really understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of it. Yes, we work, we work hard, but the outcome is not always directly proportional to our efforts. We end up asking ourselves the question, “Why is it so?”

We work through the whirlwind of day-to-day activities, disillusioned and confused about the objective, or the bigger picture. At Compare, too, we have lived this and felt it more prominently in one of our projects,

In trying to do justice to the length and breadth of the huge website, the team ended up muddled and lost. The team was working hard but with no clear focus and sure enough, the results were not encouraging. As a result, the motivation level was going down and so was the effectiveness. The consistent drop in revenue was like an elephant in the room.

We realized we could not go on like this forever, and it was now more of a do-or-die situation. It is then that we did a self-evaluation and zeroed the findings to the basic truth: We were ‘Not Focused’.

The team received timely intervention by the leadership, who provided the context and answered the ‘why’ for the existence of the project. This helped the team identify the common cause and meaningful impact, which helped stimulate their interest. The leadership became the facilitator and the team started taking initiative and responsibility.

Once the approach towards the outcome became focused, the team’s creativity was unleashed. The facilitation skills of the leaders promoted collaborative work and knowledge sharing. The team was not doing a lot of things; rather it was channelizing all its energy towards the priorities for the day, week, and month.

The focus on the approach started showing results eventually and the traffic, as well as the revenue, started witnessing a northward trend.

The project is currently performing positively with consistent month-on-month improvement. And although is yet to realize its full potential, the team is on the right track – all thanks to right navigation.


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