Quality Has Been and Will Always Be the True Differentiator


Ever since its inception in 2003, mapsofworld.com (MOW) had a single aim in mind: to make high-quality maps. Maps are everywhere on mapsofworld.com, and for everyone: students, travelers, researchers, geographers, the layman, etc. We have physical maps, political maps, blank maps, outline maps, thematic maps – a staggering collection you can go on browsing on our website.

Over the years, the website has done a commendable work which was well reflected in the Return on Investment (ROI) and the site statistics. The website grew substantially and we added many sections and categories to it, as it was showing encouraging contribution to the bottom line. However, as with almost every organization or project – it goes through a growth curve; the curve goes up, stabilizes and, at times, goes south – www.mapsofworld.com, too, had come face-to-face with a similar growth curve some time ago.

The website started seeing a downward trend. Although the factors were not always in the control of the organization, but, nevertheless, the numbers were demotivating. The project was suffering and so were the teams, which had poured their blood and sweat in creating the brand.

It was time for introspection and rather than benchmarking with competitors and settling for comparative performance, team leaders motivated their teams to compete with self and achieve their true individual potential. By inculcating an ideology of continuous self-improvement and focusing on the true differentiator “Quality”, the teams once again picked pace on their journey towards recreating quality content for the website.

We are very clear on what we strive to achieve and our experience would play a significant role in evading the mistakes. We do acknowledge that the revamping with a focus on quality may take some time, but we are sure it will yield consistent, better and permanent result. And very soon, MOW will reclaim its throne.

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