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Humans of Compare


Today, we would like to share with you the story of Rekha, a valuable member of team Compare who had to endure more than her share of odds but who stood rock solid against it all.

It was in 2011 when Rekha decided to move out of the comfort of home and start working, a hard decision for a mother of twins, who was living in a nuclear family. She understood that shouldering the responsibility of the household with small children and balancing work will be far from easy. However, what gave her the confidence was the fact that the organization was ready to be flexible with her timings.

Since her spouse was in a job which required frequent traveling, Rekha used to work from home during her kids’ vacation and days when her presence was required at home. Her desire to carve a niche for herself in the work sphere, while nurturing the family, seemed possible with the organization’s support.

She started working with Compare as a Data Entry Operator, but her desire to learn and grow was evident in her work. She consistently outperformed her peers and took on additional work to accelerate her learning. The organization noticed her zeal and gave her the necessary training. Eventually, she migrated to HTML programming and her skills were further enhanced. Rekha continued to gain proficiency in the skills while also beautifully balancing her family.

A self-motivated individual always finds ways and means to add value to oneself as well as the organization, and Rekha set a fine example there. Her yearning to know more about the internet business domain prompted her to take on additional certification in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She expressed her willingness to take on a role in search engine optimization, and in 2014 she migrated to the SEO domain. Her life seemed to be evolving beautifully with both work and family contentment.

However, in early 2015, she was diagnosed with a rare disease and her world turned upside down. According to her, the organization stood right by her side through this difficult time. She was allowed to take time off, as and when required, and her request to work from home was immediately approved. Even during the phase when she was unable to work due to her ailment, she continued to be on the rolls of the company with regular salary and benefits.

The treatment was long, painful and complicated; her spouse had to give up his job to be by her side. It was a time when she felt physically, mentally and financially vulnerable. But she is thankful for the regular salary she kept receiving from Compare. Her salary benefits included ESI membership, too, and she shares that this brought in a huge relief and eased off the financial burden of the treatment to a great extent.

With the grace of God and the support of her family she recovered and eventually joined office in September, 2016. The organization is delighted to see her back at the workplace and her zeal for work and life has not eroded at all. She is rejuvenated and her positivity adds to the office ambiance.

Compare is fortunate to have such dedicated team members who are ready to fight all odds to carve a niche for themselves in the work sphere, and the organization is always willing to stand by them through thick and thin.

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