Evolution of Mapsofindia.com and Mapsofworld.com

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Compare Infobase web properties such as Mapsofindia.com and Mapsofworld.com were created to provide mapping solutions to the world. We have created maps on India, on states of India, its cities, districts and smaller administrative units like tehsils and even up to village level. Similarly, we created maps on other countries as well. Then different featured maps of these units were created for different purposes, like political maps, geographic maps, topography, climate, rivers, roads, railways, mountain ranges, soil types, etc., and on subjects like economy, per capita income, literacy, health data and economic resources.

 In creating these map projects, scores of human resource with a variety of skills worked in different teams, like researchers, GIS experts, cartographers, graphic designers, language specialists, application developers and search engine optimizers who have put in their efforts with great team spirit and dedication. At the helm of these there is the visionary management of Compare, who have envisaged and took the pain to source and resource financial, intellectual and leadership inputs. The HR team sourced, recruited and trained the right people to its realization. Tens of thousands of map pages were created.

 While doing that accurately and consistently, we are not only providing just ‘maps’ to the users. Our content professionals studied and wrote complete descriptive information about the places. Through the map pages we provide comprehensive information about the places mapped, like government, politics, economy, brief history of the place, tourist attractions, monuments, geography, industries and agricultural resources, and much more.

 There is only one thing in the world which does not change, and it is the truth that change is inevitable. Every day a lot of things change in the world, like governments, ministers, leaders, important individuals, physical and material facets, everything. Anything can change on any day anywhere without prior notice, therefore our web pages need corresponding updation. If creating a map page is a systematic process, equally important is keeping our web pages up-to-date carrying relevant information.

 Compare Infobase has a dedicated team who looks into the day-to-day happening of the world, and promptly carries out such changes in our web pages. We always work on keeping our map pages current, credible and consistent. Very often maps also need updation because things change in the landscape of places also due to the fast infrastructure developments. Our mapping team understands such changes and updates hundreds of maps day after day. The quality of product lies in the fact that they carry most updated information.

 As a result of the dedicated work, we are the No.1 mapping solution provider in India and are constantly improving our position in the world arena as well to achieve that status. We create maps in various foreign and Indian languages, such as German, Russian, French, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam. We provide customized mapping projects to a wide customer base. You can explore our mapping solutions by visiting  www.mapsofindia.biz.

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