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Academia vis-à-vis Industry Needs

social-media-post (002)There could always be some amount of knowledge and skill gap when a human resource is recruited in to an organization. From fresher out of college to industry experienced individual, as the case may be, there is definitely narrowing down of that gap. But still some amount of gap always exist, which is bridged with the interactive process of initial training by the organization and the individual’s adaptability in grasping the organizational culture and business requirements of the job.

At Compare Infobase we recruit individuals after evaluating their academic achievements and intellectual qualities, but at the same time leave a space for internal training to fill the remaining skill gap. Our project leads, programmers, graphic artists and designers, content professionals, SEOs, Cartographers and mapping division employees at all levels get proper induction in the initial days so that they are comfortable to take the next level training with the project level team heads.

As a company with high level of penetration in the mapping field, the knowledge our employees get is more of a kind original intellectual property of Compare Infobase than available elsewhere in the market. India has very little number of professional mapping graphic professionals, among whom Compare Infobase is a leading name people see as a mastermind in the mapping industry. When it is the case of Compare Infobase in the mapping graphics, most industries with exceptional and rare capabilities have some specially developed knowledge and skill particular with them alone.

Job market in India feel the scarcity of persons with technical knowledge and skill mixed with ability to adapt to the industry’s dynamic environment. Here let us understand the root cause of skill deficiency India as a nation faces.

There was a time when engineering students had to undergo industrial training as part of their curriculum. Even now it is there in the university’s syllabus, but in the time of mushrooming engineering colleges every nook and corner inquiring what is actually happening will leave you stunning.

For long Indian resumes had an essential ingredients like father’s name, mother’s name, father’s status, caste, religion, and so on. More important is the internship training you have attended. A recruiter would be more interested to know what you have learned from such training. Be prepared, a satisfying explanation would take you two steps above another person with the same qualification of you.

It is need of the hour every household, institution, government and society at large must think and act on creating a skilling culture for a better future. When there is a large potential in the country utilizing which India can take a giant leap placing itself champion in every field. There is nothing that is  pulling us back in leading the new world tomorrow. Compare Infobase, as a knowledge and skill organization, would play its role as a responsible corporate.

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61st Cut the Cake Celebration for December Borns & New Year Eve Party

Compare-ites bid adieu to 2014 amidst festivities

In keeping with Compare Infobase’s tradition of holding collective birthday celebrations at the end of every month, birthdays of December-born Compare employees were celebrated on 31 December 2014.

Team Compare wishes a very happy birthday to all the December-borns- Anchit Kumar Barnwal, Manoj Kumar, Rajeev Ranjan, Anil Kumar, Imran Ghmad, Raj Kumar Rajesh, Tarun Kumar, Satyendra Singh Yadav, and Shanal Pradhan.

The atmosphere this time was charged up a notch since employees were visibly excited about New Year’s Eve.

During Cut the Cake ceremony, all the December-borns came together to cut the cake, as did employees whose work anniversaries fell on this month.

A number of new hirings were made in the month of December in keeping with the organization’s strategic objectives. Dr Sanjay Joshi was appointed to head the content operations besides Subhojit (Senior Content Editor), Vivek (Content Writer), Trisha (Content Coordinator) and Wazid Haque (Senior Sales Executive). The new employees were formally introduced to the entire office by the HR department.

Sangeeta was her usual peppy self as she cajoled reticent employees to partake in games like Dumb Charades and quizzes. It was a fun way to break the ice.

The month of December had also seen a number of employee engagement initiatives. Ludo and Chess competitions among employees had been organized during after office hours. The names of winners too, were announced today. Shweta Talwar won the Ludo competition with Anchit Barnwal coming in a close second. Navdeep came in third. The Chess competition was won by Kamal Kishore. Rajeev Ranjan came in second and Kapil Chugh finished at the third spot.

By the end of the function, everyone was hungry and made a beeline for the pantry. Special lunch was served today. The lunch buffet included Jeera Rice, Poori, Pindi Chana and Kadhai Paneer. Chocolate cake was served for dessert.

We wish all our readers a fabulous New Year 2015. Let’s hope the departing year leaves behind memories to cherish, and the coming year brings in its wake newer avenues to explore, greater rewards and stronger ties with your loved ones.


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