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Compare is proud to be an egalitarian organization


For Compare each member is a valued resource and this value is independent of the gender, language, religious or cultural differences. At Compare we follow a ZERO tolerance policy on discrimination of any sorts. Our hiring policy does give an advantage to academics but once an individual becomes a part of the team her/his work does all the talking. We are a merit driven organization and members are empowered to maintain high expectations and performance.

We at Compare believe in doing business but we do not want to give up on the humanitarian factor. A sick employee is allowed to work from home and the duration can be anything from a day to months. One of our longest work from home employee is stationed in Kolkata and has been with us for over a decade.

The numbers show a healthy male female ratio of 2.16:1. The different languages spoken by members are over 12. And all religions are represented in the organizational demographics. Compare is an equal opportunity organization and we are proud to have cohesive relationships that produce profitable work.

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August 2016, a ZERO attrition month for Compare Infobase.

linkedin_post_ver2-1Achieving zero attrition in a month in an organization with 100+ strength in the volatile internet domain is no mean feat. And this gives us reason enough to share it with all our well-wishers.

This reflects positively on the talent acquisition and mentoring strategy of the organization. On granular analysis we deduce three motivating reasons-namely a factual salary (not one which is falsely inflated), work-life balance and strategic work alignment. The organization is inordinately focused on creating a work culture which breeds ownership.

Having said that we do realize that a healthy dose of weeding is necessary but that is when weeds exists. At present we get these zero attrition months twice or thrice a year. Our efforts are now channelized towards getting a quarter with ZERO attrition.

And thanks to each one of you; cause, the constructive feedback that we receive from all stakeholders is the driving force…

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