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2014: Diwali at Compare’s Office

The long awaited and most propitious festival of Diwali was celebrated on October 22, Wednesday, at Compare’s office with great enthusiasm and show. The aura of festivity dazzled all with its joy and filled everyone with gusto and zeal. In order to enliven the spirits of all, many fun-filled activities were organized, such as ‘Deck-Up your Bay’, ‘Tambola’, and last but not the least ‘Lucky Draw’ with five amazing prizes was like the apex of all the events and brought the day to a splendid end.


Since food is an indispensable part of any festival and it is often said that ‘Food and Festivity go hand in hand’, so for that very reason special lunch was organized that graced the Diwali celebration even more.

Therefore, the excitement was at its peak and people decked up and beautified their workplace, on the most auspicious time of the year, with several decorative and creative items. People spent considerable time to illuminate every nook and corner of the office. The office was adorned with bright and colorful rangolis, diyaas, wall hangings, and flowers. The radiant and jubilant atmosphere literally made the workplace as the epicentre of all positive vibes.


Tambola Game and Announcement for ‘Deck-Up your Bay’ winners


As the day drew close, everyone eagerly awaited the visit of the jury to judge the deck-up of every work station, which was followed by Tambola, a fascinating game of numbers, played in a set of two games. There were cash prizes to be won in the game. So no one let slip this opportunity and assembled on the third floor for fun and frolic. Many won cash prizes and it created cheerful environment everywhere.


Thereafter, announcement was made for the winners of ‘Deck-Up your Bay’. First prize (Rs. 1,500) was given away to people from the first floor and second prize called for a tie between the two teams (Diwali Dynamite and Tech Team) from the fourth floor.


The Most Exciting Event of the Day – Lucky Draw


The ceremonial occasion was then brought to an end by ‘Lucky Draw’ unraveling five exciting prizes – Hidesign bag, Charzon portable charger, Canon printer, Targus bag, and Timex wristwatch. Interesting indeed! And, as per the rules, everyone could try their luck for two of the gifts. But there was a twist to the story, as anyone reluctant to play the draw due to lack of trust over one’s luck could take cash prize of Rs.200/- by returning their lucky draw tickets, which some of them did. Then, the game proceeded and eyes of everyone were glued to the gifts. Everyone held their breath every time the name of the luck winner got announced.


Five lucky winners, for whom Diwali became all the more special and memorable were – Susharan Bannerjee won Hidesign bag, Jim Kasom won Charzon Portable Power Charger, Priyanka Gulati won Canon Printer, Usha V Sagar won Targus bag, and Anil Jangra won Timex wristwatch. As one last surprise for those who did not get lucky we had the ‘Unlucky Lucky’ with cash prize of Rs. 1000/- which was won by Ramandeep Kaur


This is how the celebration of Diwali came to an end and everybody was exhilarated by the day’s games and events. The festival of Diwali is not just about lighting diyaas and candles, and illuminating our workplace and homes. But it is also symptomatic of illuminating our hearts and souls, instilling positivity with a sense of togetherness and Compare and its Diwali celebration proudly showcased all of that!



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Cut The Cake Celebrations!!

We celebrated 16 birthdays this month.

The month ended with cut the cake celebrations. There were smiles all over and the icing on the cake was just yummylicious. It all started with cake cutting ceremony, and ended up with a quiz conducted by Aashish and Sangeeta.

 Let’s meet the September borns!!

Hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all the choicest of things and all that your heart holds dear Have A Fun- Filled Day.

Neha Goel born on September 1st, she is working with us as a Trainee Programmer. She can be reached at

Komal Koul, born on September 2nd, she is working with us as a Programmer .She can be reached at

Kartik Suri, born on September 2nd, he is working with us as a Assistant Manager-Marketing. He can be reached at

Saumya Aggarwal, born on September 2nd, she is working with us as a Assistant Manger-site sales. She can be reached at

Parminder singh born on September 5th he is working with us as a MT-Online Marketing He can be reached at

Vikas Jain born on September 6th he is working with us as Trainee Programmer .He can be reached at

Akanksha Gangvany born on September 10th, she is working with us as a Trainee Knowledge Executive She can be reached at

Deepa Baneshi born on September 12th, she is working with us as Trainee-CS.She can be reached at

Anjani Sankhyan born on September 12th, she is working with us as Assistant Manager-Online Marketing .She can be reached at

Pallavi sen gupta born on 13th September .She is working with us as Knowledge Analyst-Kolkata.She can be reached at

Jagriti born on 16th September .she is working with us as Programmer .She Can be reached at

Rajeev Kumar born on 22nd September .He is working with us as Junior Executive Search engine Optimization. He can be reached at

Shweta Rawat born on 23rdSeptember .She is working with us as Trainee Knowledge Executive. She can be reached us at

Ankita Mathur born on  28th September .She is working with us as Trainee Programmer .She can be reached at

Sudip Ghosh Born on 28th September. He is working with us as Executive Data entry –Kolkata.He can be reached at

Arpita Bhattacharya born on 29th September .She is working with us as Knowledge Analyst-Kolkata.She can be reached at

Some Great Facts about September borns!!

Virgo Positive Traits

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent
Intelligent and analytical

Virgo Negative Trait

Fussy and a worrier
Overcritical and harsh
Perfectionist and conservative

Libra Positive Traits

Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable Perceptive and intuitive. Very graceful and charming. Expresses considerable poise, is kind and caring with a sympathetic disposition. Librans’ are generous by nature and are loving and affectionate, and most are very talented and adaptable.

Libra Negative Traits

Indecisive and changeable
Gullible and easily infuenced
Flirtatious and self-indulgent. Tempermental in nature and sometimes quick to anger. Can be selfish and self willed at times. They are prone to daydream and make believe. They may tend to be flirtatious and tend to be discouraged easily. Monotony does not fare well with the Libra.

For pictures visit :!/media/set/?set=a.287150247964613.83008.100000089211118&type=1

Nupur Grover

Trainee-Corporate Communication

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