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Google rolled out a new verification badge program for celebs

Google + is coming up with new features almost every day. And for those who thought  that Google + does not have a future, should check out this:
  • Google rolled out a new verification badge program on Saturday announced by Wen-Ai Yu from the Google+ team
  •  Making it favorable for  celebrities, public figures and those who have vast numbers of people in their circles who can verify their identities
  •  A check mark and a small banner that rolls just next to their names.
  • The badges are basically grey Twitter-type check mark that expand to say ‘verified name’ when you hover over them .
Verified celebs and the recent addition of games should be tremendously helpful for Google to keep people coming back to their Google+ accounts. Cheers!

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Purpose over Positioning

Everyone is talking about the new internet, what is new internet and how is it different than what we have all created/ used and lived in the past?

New internet can be summarized in one sentence – It is all about Purpose over Positioning.

Your site solves a problem, you are in. Your site doesn’t solve a problem, you are dead.

Positioning in the  new internet has become a proper-subset of purpose and problem solving ability of your website. Billions of people and several billion problems, user now increasingly views internet as a key to quick solutions. Just do a quick search on few single words like where, which, when, how, why, what, who and one is truly amazed on what all is expected from the internet or through the internet. “Where is” when used as a search phrase on Google points towards 425 million results. What a number for an absolute phrase which has nothing to do with love or curse, “I love” is   ahead at 1.2 billion and “I hate” follows at 307 million.

Positioning without purpose hurts and can be fatal. Users and on their feedback search engines (essentially Google) have declared an all out war on unwanted sites, mission statement looks like – “If you are not solving a problem, you are the problem and we know how how to solve it.”

Team at Compare Infobase understands this new internet.


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