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Simar Interviewed Bruce Clay

Last week was a complete learning week for Compare Infobase. Compare is moving towards an organization who believes in Corporate Coaching. A team of compare attended 3 days training session on SEO Strategies by well known SEO professional Bruce Clay.

The team was headed by Simar (CEO).

Meanwhile Simar interviewed Mr Clay on his India visit, SEO strategies and upcoming SEO challenges.

To know more about Bruce Clay please refer – Bruce Clay

To know more about Simar please refer Simar

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Training program and subjects at compare infobase

Compare Infobase has successfully finished 100 training programs for its employees. The trainings of various topics really help our employees to enhance their knowledge. We always believe in new learning. With the help of our “Employee Training Programs” many employees have found them updated and equipped with new things. We provided trainings in many subjects. Still the program is going on. You can find a training session at our Conference Hall (First Floor) between 10:00 AM-11:00 AM everyday. Here are the subjects that are covered in our last 100 trainings.

Sno. Training Topic Trainer
TP1 Twitting Simarprit Singh
TP2 Insights of Web 2.0 Hitesh Mathpal
TP4 Art of Online Marketing Simarprit Singh
TP6 Understanding International Clients Simarprit Singh
TP8 Basics of  IT Prashanta Roy
TP10 Evolution of Internet: Challenges Ahead Vishwaranjan
TP11 Developing Websites in Joomla’s way Komal Arora
TP12 MVC Architecture of Website Development Hitesh Mathpal
TP17 Essentials of Designing Home Pages Simarprit Singh
TP18 Fine Execution – A Must for Achieving Results Usha V. Sagar
TP23 Negotiation Skills with International Clients Simarprit Singh
TP24 Drupal- Advance Level Komal Arora
TP25 OOPs concepts Santosh Singh
TP26 How to give presentation to International Clients Simarprit Singh
TP27 OpenX-An interface for banner and ads management Shipra Bharadwaj
TP29 Design Patterns in PHP Santosh Singh
TP30 Social Media Tools To Improve Your Website Users and Marketing Hitesh Mathpal
TP31 Tips to Adsense Optimization Manish Kumar Choudhary
TP43 OS Commerce-Online Stores Komal Arora
TP44 Basics of Map Subir Roy
TP45 Open Forum on “Web Server” Deepak Gupta
TP46 SEO Basics Manish Kumar Choudhary
TP47 Introduction to Website’s Usability and User Experience Swati Arora
TP48 Cloud Computing Deepak Gupta
TP50 The Need and Importance of Remaining Young in IT Industry Simarprit Singh
TP51 AW Stats and Adsense Manvinder Singh
TP52 Options Available in Google Webmaster Tools Manish Kumar Choudhary
TP53 Saving and Tax Planning-Part I(Savings and How to Save) Usha V. Sagar
TP54 How to Make RSS Feeds for Websites Hitesh Mathpal
TP56 Adsense & Projection Manvinder Singh
TP58 Speeding up your Web Pages Komal Arora
TP60 Business Communication and Proposals (Handling Internal and External Mails) Kaushik Pal
TP61 Tax Planning Vikas Garg
TP65 The Long Tail -Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson Usha
TP66 Maps – Uses and the Laws that Govern It Subir Roy
TP74 Tweeting Basics Anushka
TP80 Web APIs and Services Hitesh Mathpal
TP82 Search Index and their Role in Site Promotion Manish Kumar Choudhary
TP83 Basics of Website Designing Swati Arora
TP87 Open Session on Traffic and Revenue Manish Kumar Choudhary
TP89 How to Succeed in Your Career Deepak Gupta
TP90 CSS Anil Bhatt
TP91 Site Sales Process Kaushik Pal
TP92 Cyber Security&Awareness Prashanta
TP99 Create Web Pages without Expertise Hitesh Mathpal
TP100 The World of Web Analytics 2.0 Manvinder Singh
TP102 Developing a Video Sharing Application in Minutes Sandeep