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Apple’s cloud… Obviously called iCloud

No points gained in guessing the name of Apple’s cloud…

Apple claims their cloud to be effortless and automatic , the way a cloud service should be. iCloud is supposed to help Apple device users to access/ share content on all devices. It can push photos, apps, calendar etc through wireless to all your devices automatically.

It also keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date. No syncing is required in case of iCloud . A photo taken from iPhone/iPod is made available on iPad, Mac etc as well. An app bought on one device is shared on all devices…

Basically no effort from the user of the devices is there, the iCloud manages data from all the devices on its own . Signing up with iCloud provides the user with 5GB of free space.

Apple sure makes life easy …

– Komal Arora
Manager – Technologies


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