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Interesting Discussion Around Social Media Case Studies at the 98th Social Media Breakfast

Today we completed 98 straight meetups of the Social Media Breakfast. In the last 98 weeks, we have discussed, dissected and analysed all possible dimensions of Social Media. What makes this interesting is that the game keeps evolving, the players keep changing and so do the rules. It is survival of the fittest all over again. The topic of discussion today was Social Media Case Studies. The focus was to share the stories behind social campaigns, campaigns run by our participants or the ones which impressed us.

Behind The Scenes

It was wonderful to hear behind the scenes stories of how social campaigns are run and how different people approach their objectives. Aashish shared how a weekend campaign on Twitter brought in high levels of engagement by bringing together a team of 15 people, who had no experience using Twitter. The key was the process and brief training on that process, which made them Twitter crackers and kept the Twitter account buzzing with RT’s and Mentions. Nivesh shared his case of bringing the revenue up for Mobile Apps by his unique campaign on Twitter. Kaushik made a point about the important of measurement, measuring sentiments is fast becoming a standard practice for social media marketing.

What was common in our experiences was the persistence to adapt, we only figure out what works by trying and eliminating what doesn’t and when something works, you bring it front and center. That’s how a best practice is born 🙂

The Challenge?

What brought a quick challenge in the meetup was an opinion expressed by two participants that Social Media is not working for them, hasn’t work for them and they don’t belive it can. Both sell products online and have had their presence for a while.  Find below a quick list from what was discussed.

  • No one gives a damn about your product, stop peddling on Twitter/Facebook
  • Start by building a community around your product.
  • How can you enhance the lives of your users with your product? Your content strategy will be based on this
  • Develop themes around how your product can enhance lives (If you sell flowers, think 50 ways of how flowers can enhance the life of a person)
  • Start a Blog, an active blog where you provide posts or videos around the theme.
  • You build credibility and a brand as you go along
  • Interact with your community, help them. Think conversations not campaigns
  • It is a long term strategy, for short term, go for Ads
  • In the end it is about selling more Products, but with inbound marketing
  • Creativity: The tools are everywhere, its how you can weave an idea from it
  • Have fun while at it 🙂

There is but one challenge here – about rising through the chaos of content and the only fitting solution is about ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and the most important and differentiating factor – Creativity, which sets apart winners from everyone else.

Social Media for Social Cause

Towards the end Kaushik shared the case study of how an Open Heart Surgery was live-Tweeted. We felt strongly about contributing our skills towards a social cause, or perhaps taking the Social Media Breakfast in a complete different direction after the 100th. ‘Social Media For Humanity’ is the suggested topic for next meetup.

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