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Facebook Vs Google: The Battle For Internet Dominance, Update from 97th Social Media Breakfast

Internet Dominance was at the center of discussion at the 97th Social Media Breakfast. We are just two meetups away from the glorious 100th meetup, a long journey in setting up a discussion forum on Social Media in Delhi. From our bad experience at Cafe Coffee Day last week and their ‘policies’ about breakfast timings, we had to change the venue to Sagar Ratna on the last minute, they open early, always helpful and can accommodate large groups. The agenda was to discuss Facebook and Google from the perspective of developers, marketers and end users. Both internet giants are locked in a tussle to outgrow each other. Where do users spend more time on: Google or Facebook? The focus was to look at the view from 10,000 feet and see who’s winning this battle. From Social Network, Mobile, Display Ads to Search.

Internet Dominance

We agreed that internet dominance for any service or product would translate into the time users spend.. The more time a user spends on a given service, the more it helps the bottom line. Time is Money, haven’t we heard that before. First get them hooked, then find a way to monitize that potential. Facebook has done it, Twitter is beginning to do it and Pinterest is thinking about doing it. Over the last decade, the internet has evolved into many verticals, and different services compete for different spaces. We did a quick  survey within the group to have the following results for who dominates which space:

  • Search: Google
  • Social Network: Facebook
  • Mobile OS: iOS
  • Productivity Suite: MS Office
  • Video Sharing: YouTube
  • Maps: Google Maps
  • Online Communication: Skype
  • Chatting: Tie (GTalk, Facebook, Skype)
  • Games: Facebook

Mani Singh pointed out an interesting fact that the largest demographic of users these days on Facebook are aged 16-25 years, when a service figures out a way to tap into that segment, the numbers begin to grow.

Facebook Vs Google

It is reported that Facebook logs 700 billion minutes of usage per month, it surely has a high level of engagement which keeps the users coming back for more. This emerging trend has got Google concerned, since the one who rules the usage time, rules the game. Comparing it to Google’s own tools/products like Search, Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube and the new Google Plus, the usage time directs the revenue in the long term. We discussed and compared Facebook and Google’s products and here’s the result:

  • Social Networks: Facebook rules here, Google Plus is turning to be a ghost town. (What do you think? Let us know in comments)
  • Display Ads: Google’s Adwords is the leader in this segment, but Facebook Ads is fast catching up. Kaushik felt that Facebook’s display Ads are showing tremendous growth and offer better customization and targeting options.
  • Mobile: Google’s got Android. There have been rumors of a Facebook phone but nothing concrete to mention. Facebook’s App on iOS and Android is a big hit though, drawing high engagement from users.
  • Search: Google recently merged search plus social. The challenge for them is that their ‘Social’ isn’t catching on as fast as they hoped. Facebook on the other hand is strong in Social, What stops Facebook from launching search capabilities and drawing from its social expertise?


Towards the end, we concluded that the differentiator in this battle for Internet Dominance would be the revenue. Marketers prefer Google Ads when they want to sell, Facebook is viewed as a Brand enhancement option. Google drives way more revenue from its Search & Ads business. How Facebook would catch up and dominate in coming years would be interesting to see.

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What’s Making Pinterest the Hottest Site of 2012; Plus Video

Pinterest is one of the latest entries in the A-Class of social media sites that have captivated users worldwide. The site’s phenomenal growth and unique features, including the ability for businesses to create links from posted photos/images to company websites, is leading many online retailers to believe that Pinterest has the potential to be a game changer in the area of social commerce. This is what we set out to discuss and dissect at the 92nd Social Media Breakfast.

The numbers..

Looks like the new guy on the block is on a roll. Pinterest hit the 10 million users mark faster than any independent site in history. What’s surprising is that over 1/5th of Facebook-connected users are on Pinterest daily, which is more than 2,000,000 members! Since the start of 2012 its daily users have increased by more than 145%. Something we couldn’t get our heads around was the fact that Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined, which makes it a game changer.

Taking it for a spin

By a quick show of hands we knew that Pinterest was on everyone’s curiosity list. With 13 people signed up for the meetup, over 24 showed up. So we took it for a spin, hooked up the projector and Mani Singh was kind enough to walk us through his account. And as we went, we compared it with Google Images (the natural competition when it comes to images). We compared unique searches like ‘fish recipes’, ‘dog food’ to ‘film posters’ and something which stood out were the quality of images on Pinterest. Google images on one hand is algorithm generated, Pinterest is curated by its users.

First Reactions

Here are some first reactions on Pinterest from the meetup

    • Looks good, love the images (Komal Puri)
    • It’s not just about images, it’s about qualified links back to your website. (Mani Singh)
    • Pinterest is a Boutique if Google Images is a Wholesale Store, and its missing a strong search. (Simarprit Singh)
    • Pinterest is curated Google Images, with links (Aashish Chopra)
    • Content is pinned from all across the web, overall its got ‘cuter’ pics (Amanpreet)
    • Good images, doFollow links (good for SEO) and relevant results (Ramandeep)
    • Pinterest is inclined towards social commerce (Ankit Agarwal)
    • Got me hooked! (Nivesh Sharma)

Why is it important?

Some pointers about why Pinterest is important and good for business 🙂

    • SEO Benefit (dofollow links)
    • It is social bookmarking on steroids
    • Brings qualified traffic to your website
    • Retailers can add a price to their product images (pins)
    • De-Clutters the content

In the end, we discussed what makes a startup like Pinterest successful, Simar raised a valid point that being a game changer in a small niche and packaging makes all the difference. Mani felt strongly that it’s the brilliant execution behind the idea which makes it successful.

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Final Words? [Video]

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