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Cut the Cake! Celebrating the August borns!

Wow! We celebrated 25 birthdays this month.

May the wishes go up to the heaven and bring you good luck!

Let’s meet the August borns!!!

Gaurav Shukla, born on August 1st, he is working with us as a Management Trainee in the Mapsofworld team. He can be reached at

Sumona Chatterjee, born on August 6th, she is working in the dgreetings team in the Online Marketing profile. She can be reached at

Maryann Theresa Taylor, born on August 7th, she is currently shouldering the responsibility of ‘Content Editor’ with Mapsofindia. She can be reached at

Karan Garg, born on August 7th, he is working in Online Sales profile. He can be reached at

O P Bakshi, born on August 8th, he is one of the oldest compare family members. He can be reached at

Haaris Jamal, born on August 8th, he is working with Mapsofindia in the Online Marketing profile, he can be reached at

Pooja Sharma, born on August 9th, she is presently associated with Mapsofindia team as Search Engine Optimizer. She can be reached at

Nivesh Sharma, born on August 9th, he is handling the Technologies and Engagement profile, he can be reached at

Kapil Chugh, born on August 10th, he is a System Analyst with us and can be reached at

Naresh Kumar Saini, born on August 11th, has been associated with us for almost 5 yrs and is working in the IT Support profile; he can be reached at

Harmeen Kaur, born on August 14th she is one of the directors of Compare and is also the Creative Head. She can be reached at

Ravi Mathur, born on August 15th, he is a Trainee Programmer with us. He can be reached at

Harneet Kaur, born on August 15th, she has joined us in the Content writing profile as Trainee. She can be reached at

Bhavana Gandhi, born on August 16th, she is a part of human resources team and is into recruitments. She can be reached at

Sumit Dahiya, born on August 16th, he ia working in the Data Entry profile and van be reached at

Vijay Prakash, born on August 17th, he is a Web Developer with us and can be reached at

Sushil Kumar Sharma, born on August 17th, he is a Data Entry Operator in dgreetings and can be reached at

Simarprit Singh, born on August 18th, he is the captain of the ship. He holds the position of the Managing Director and CEO of Compare. He can be reached at

Jaspreet Singh Arora, born on August 20th, he is a Data Entry Operator with us and can be reached at

Sunil, born on August 22nd he helps us monitor the website of he can be reached at

Susmita Ghosh, born on August 25th, she is working with us a Knowledge Analyst and can be reached at

Surendra Chaudhary, born on August 25th, he is in the IT support function. He can be reached at

Hemant Nailwal, born on August 26th, he is associated with the Servers team and can be reached at

Jaspreet Singh, born on August 27th, he is a Data entry Operator with Mapsofworld. He can be reached at

Shilpa Srivastava, born on August 31st, she has been associated for more than 5 years now and is presently handling the operations of the Kolkata Office. She can be reached at

Did you Know- August borns Love to joke. Are Attractive, Suave and Caring. Also, Brave and Fearless. Firm and have Leadership qualities. They know how to Console others. They are Generous and but Egoistic. They take high pride in oneself and are thirsty for praises. They exhibit extraordinary Spirit. They get angry when provoked. Are known to be jealous. By nature they are Observant, Careful and Cautious. They think on the feet, and have Independent thoughts. They absolutely love to lead and to be led. August borns are talented in the Arts, Music and Defense. You will find them to be Sensitive but not petty. And they love to make Friends.

The Sun Signs (Ref- Linda GoodMan)

Leo- It’s smart to hire a Leo. It will be almost impossible to ignore them.

If he’s a quiet Leo, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore him. The more aggressive lion will force you to appreciate his talents and recognize his value by simply telling you how wonderful he is. The shy pussycat type will pout until you give him the same treatment. It adds up to the same thing. Don’t ignore your Leo employees.

They add a dash of excitement and can carry some gigantic loads on their back without complaining. They need a rich diet of compliments, au­thority, raises, titles and freedom, but it’s not too high a price to pay for his intelligence, loyalty, faith, ideas and sense of responsibility. The lion’s heart is as big as his ego.

Virgo- If you have a Virgo employee who’s a typical Virginian, treasure him (or her) and plan, slowly and carefully, to move him to the position of your assistant. Don’t do it too quickly or he’ll feel unprepared and reluctant. Fast ad­vances don’t tickle the Virgo ego, they just alarm him and make him suspect that you’re too impulsive for him to trust.

You needn’t shower this employee with bonuses. On the other hand, don’t underpay him either. He’s well aware of his comparable and current market value, and he won’t hesitate to move on, regardless of his basic loyalty and stability, if he feels you’re being unfair or unreasonable.

You can feel completely safe in letting your Virgo em­ployee work without supervision. His sense of ethics and responsibility are total. Besides, he’d probably prefer to work either quietly alone or confidently beside you than be exposed to any possible criticism from fellow workers.


For pictures visit our Facebook Fan page or!/media/set/?set=a.272030569476581.79399.100000089211118&type=1

-Nivedita Ghosh
Deputy Manager- Human Resources
Compare Infobase Ltd.


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The 69th Social Media Breakfast – “How to generate Revenue from Web Videos??”– The Delhi Chapter

As we know how Videos are important for Internet Marketing today and so we discussed “How to generate Revenue from Web Videos??” for the 69th Social Media Breakfast. The Social Media Breakfast are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Ltd project.


The members who were present for the MeetUp were Kaushik, AashishNeha, Komal , Neerja and Daman Ji.


Following are the points discussed during the discussion:

  • Since we do not have limitation on bandwidth today’s internet world, Videos are surely the important part of content on Internet.
  • Sound and content is the most important part in a Video which makes it popular and hence one can generate revenue from it.
  • Consistency and being simple and short Videos for your product can make you earn through it.
  • Work on your objective and be effective on videos as it grabs users attention.
  • It should provide solution to the users
  • Titles and subtitles plays very important part in making effective videos.
  • Video should be moving and engaging.

At the end we shared few examples of videos on youtube which created viral effect and hence generated profits for companies.


To view pictures you may visit our Fan Page or click!/media/set/?set=a.247040305317304.58956.190122137675788&type=1


-Neha Kulwal

Assistant Manager-Site Sales




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