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First look: Inside the revamped


Brought to you first in the year 2003, Mapsofworld has been through a long journey and continues to make its mark on search and recall. Our online properties follow the mantra of being ‘Current, Credible and Consistent’ and hence, the team believes that it is about time the entire Web site sees a revamp. Easier said than done, revamping a Web site is different from building it from scratch. Optimizing the informational infrastructure of the Web site is tricky and would need a lot of thought and action.

The most compelling thought was to ensure that the user experience is incredible. The team brainstormed and worked together to bring in the best practices. We realized that the sections needed to be clearly demarcated and thus, the new design has been simplified within clearly defined parameters. The sections now speak for themselves.

The UI/UX team has added more of usability elements to improve the user experience. The page load factor was critical to positive user engagement, so the new design is made such that the homepage loads faster.

The page also puts forth some suggestions to help the audience with relevant information. The complexities have been done away with; the information is now upfront.

The buying options are clear and make the buying on-site and on third-party marketplaces convenient. The product specifications are unambiguous and the price-tags neat. The idea is to ensure that the buyers do not get lost.

The entire team is working as a cohesive unit to make a site which is easy to navigate yet visually appealing. Visit our new homepage and make sure you scroll right to the end of the page.

The journey has just about started; a lot needs to be done to revamp the entire site. We are sharing with you our new homepage to get your valuable feedback. Watch this space for more updates!

…Yes, Mapsofworld has come a notch closer to being a Mapping Business!


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linkedin_post_19octTaking a leaf out of Google’s hat of going local, was quick to adopt the thought and tread the path to go vernacular. In a country like India where there are 150 languages, which have a sizeable speaking population, we see a huge scope in creating our site in different languages. The objective is to make the maps and related information available in local languages for users. Taking it forward, we share with you today our recently launched site which provides maps in the Malayalam language. It has India map, state maps and related thematic maps in Malayalam. The site has around 35 pages of maps and information and we are adding more maps every day. The team Compare is working to make it a full-fledged site in another one year with about 1000 pages.

We look forward to your inputs on this.

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