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Ninth Successful Social Media Breakfast by Compare Infobase

Here we go with our 9th Social Media Breakfast which started with very interesting topic of discussion “Google Caffeine: Impacts on SEO and Social Media” hosted by, a website owned by Compare InfoBase Ltd organized at Sagar Ratna Janakpuri.

Manoj started the discussion with important parameters of Google Caffeine which is speed, accuracy, relevancy and freshness of content. He said Caffeine has been developed to improve the speed, relevancy, size and comprehensiveness of Google’s search.

Mani explained Google is able to index content faster; any SEO activities being implemented will have a faster impact on SEO rankings. He also shared his experience with as how fast pages are being crawled and caffeine is useful as well as challenge for webmasters.

Hitesh explained about real time results and indexing behavior of caffeine. He told about the keywords importance in new search results.

Puneet added his share with the importance of user generated content in search engines. He focused on the importance of User Generated Content.

Neha Kulwal explained how Caffeine give importance to Social Media presence of site and helping in getting crawled and indexed faster as we can see Google is placing a greater importance on the real-time web integrating Twitter and Facebook updates directly into their search results.

Harleen, Ashutosh and komal explained how quickly you can adapt to the nature of caffeine and also that this change doesn’t make any of the crawling, indexing, or ranking factors more or less important than before. It simply makes crawled content available in search results more quickly than before.

Daman Anand and Ramesh discussed about new advertisement impact by Google Caffeine.

So in Conclusion, here we have following important points which will add to your knowledge:

• Keep your content and web pages fresh which can be searchable moments after being crawled because of Caffeine
• Website Speed is very important as caffeine give importance to quickly loaded pages
• Caffeine give importance to Real Time Web and Social Presence like on twitter and Facebook.
• Keywords are the main part in this. Your URL and snippet should contain relevant keywords.
• No place for spammers.
• There may some changes in page ranks by frequent indexing and deindexing.
• Content that satisfies user, is the most important.
• Comment forums and User Generated Content should be added in sites.


The blog is written by Neha and edited by Hitesh, SMB members from Compare Infobase

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8th Social Media Breakfast : Read what we cooked!

It was a bright Friday morning and we all had assembled at Sagar Ratna Restaurant, Janakpuri for the 8th SMB (Social Media Breakfast) sponsored by twitsnaps (a leading photo sharing website). The topic chosen for the point of discussion today was “Online Profile Management : You can make or break your social networking success.”

Flow of discussion along with Idlis, Dosas and Uthhapam!

The topic started on an introductory note by Anushka where she explained the importance of building an online profile and the important factors to be considered for successful profile management. The discussion then took off with Daman pointing out that it is not only about Profile management but also about “Reputation management”. Case study of Cafe Coffee Day as an example of how cruciual online profile management can be, was brought into discussion by Mani Singh. Kaushik shared the example of Mahindra’s management of his twitter profile to empower the customers to give him feedback about Mahindra products. Further Hitesh introduced the importance of staying in line with the latest on social media technologies and tools such as, and the need to wisely select social media tools according to target audience. Ashutosh highlighted the importance of updates and profile customization in twitter, facebook and other social media platforms. Puneet stressed on the fact that it is more about image building, brand building and it is the user experience which counts the most.
Sunil pointed out that social media needs community and networking as important tools to power your online profile and that it is important to monitor what others are saying about you on the web. Subir brought forward the viewpoint of thinking about social media profile as a marketing effort- the budget is low but the motive is customer engagement, brand awareness and promotions. Neha and Harleen highlighted that the purpose of your presence in social media determines the way you put updates on various social media websites. The discussion ended with a thought that a profile on social media is about brand positioning and brand awareness.

Take Home Learning from SMB 8

First step in Online Profile Management is that you create an account with popular social media platforms. You must be laughing after reading this, but that is true.

Customize your profile with a picture (or Brand logo), mention your brand name, write few lines about your brand or your product, mention the url of the website associated with the brand and ensure that your profile portrays what you want to.

You cant always keep on endorsing your brand and your products all the time. You must find out ways to engage the online users either through promotional contests or through a thoughtful campaign like eco friendly ideas by @HavellsIndia on twitter.

Be in tune with the latest in social media technologies and be the first ones to use the new features in blogging (publicize on facebook/twitter by wordpress), twitter (promoted tweets) and other social media platforms.

For successful management of multiple profiles online, use tools such as which lets you send a status update across your profile on as many as 30 social networking websites.

Be careful about what you say, what you write and what you show. Be proactive about what others say about you.

Hope reading this was fruitful for you. We shall be continuing the series with many more interesting topics on social media. So watch out this space for more social media capsules.

The blog is written by Anushka, SMB member from Compare Infobase