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Purpose over Positioning

Everyone is talking about the new internet, what is new internet and how is it different than what we have all created/ used and lived in the past?

New internet can be summarized in one sentence – It is all about Purpose over Positioning.

Your site solves a problem, you are in. Your site doesn’t solve a problem, you are dead.

Positioning in the  new internet has become a proper-subset of purpose and problem solving ability of your website. Billions of people and several billion problems, user now increasingly views internet as a key to quick solutions. Just do a quick search on few single words like where, which, when, how, why, what, who and one is truly amazed on what all is expected from the internet or through the internet. “Where is” when used as a search phrase on Google points towards 425 million results. What a number for an absolute phrase which has nothing to do with love or curse, “I love” is   ahead at 1.2 billion and “I hate” follows at 307 million.

Positioning without purpose hurts and can be fatal. Users and on their feedback search engines (essentially Google) have declared an all out war on unwanted sites, mission statement looks like – “If you are not solving a problem, you are the problem and we know how how to solve it.”

Team at Compare Infobase understands this new internet.


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Our App World at Apple Store!!!

Brushing up your Geography? Want maps? Source of information? Quizzes? Name it and you get it! Check out our coolest apps available in Apple Store!

World Atlas and Maps –HD

This app gives you printable maps. It is ideal for students. Physical, political and outline maps are available. One can also search on the basis of Area, Population, Legislature, Currency, GDP, etc. You can compare multiple countries visually and the best part is it works offline!

Here have a feel of it!

My World Atlas -Lite

These light maps have vital Geographic facts about countries. Maps are in high resolution which makes it very vivid. Search is available for Countries on the basis of population, Language, City, Area and other attributes. This app too can work offline!

To check out this lite app! Click!

My World Quiz

My world quiz is already a favourite of many! It has thousands of questions to ponder on. Extensive themes that you can surf through. A performance graph to improve yourself. Smart Time controls to tease your brain. A Two-player mode – that gives you liberty to challenge any one. Challenge the whole world by comparing your score with the rest of the world. Check out the daily winner and pine for the pedestal. Show off on Facebook! Read blogs, news, releases, and more…

Here is the Quizzard!


This is one of our photo sharing apps! Upload snap that you have captured just now. Zoom in/ Zoom out functions that would help you share only the best of snaps. Save the downloaded snaps. Search snaps. Add comment and rate snaps! You can also change twitter account from this application.

To capture, click and share! Download Twitsnaps! 

MapsOfIndia Quiz

Want to discoverIndia? Here’s a chance, Indiaquiz is your constant companion in journey to discover India. It not just tests your knowledge onIndia but is a great source of information. Each user will be asked 15 questions at a time. User can play five quiz per day. User can see global as well as local score of other players.

Discover India through


Now its easy to surf through India. Get information on a particular state, select the state and view its detailed Map. Also get to know some fun facts about that state. Domestic flights at your fingertips! Select the source, destination and date of your travel and the flight finder will give you a list of all available flights for your journey. You can also search a place using PIN code and STD code. You can also calculate the distance between any two places in India using our Distance Calculator!

Come be part of India here!

These are few of our finest applications! Stay connected for more application! CIL is growing!

You can be in touch with us over Facebook! Simple like our Fanpage! We are also available on Twitter and G+.

Priya Chandrakanth

Corporate Communications Executive

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