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A Training Session Conducted By Komal Arora Puri(Manger Technologies) On Drupal7

This will give an insight on how to make websites using Drupal 7. Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers.

Training beneficial for all Programmers.

3-October-11   (Monday)

4:00PM to 5:00PM

Another training session to be conducted by Usha V Sagar (Vice President-Operations) on ISO (Part-III) – in which  ISO standard documentation and standard requirements Will be discussed.

5-October-11    (Wednesday)

11:30AM to 12:30PM

Nupur Grover

Trainee-Corporate Communication

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Getting ready for a better tomorrow!

A week now,  15 Management Trainees are being trained here. Their rigorous training sessions are on full swing now. Lets have a sneak peak into these smart brains.

Learning new concepts every hour!

The transformation from college to work is quite an experience. One tends to transit from ideal, theoretical world to a real-life, practical situation. At CIL we try to make this transition easy for the new ones. Training sessions are meant to quip them for the real life challenges at work front, as practical world is much tougher and much different than the theoretical world back at college. One of the Management Trainees, Kanika, on being asked on the learning experience says “I never knew so much of work is gone into a website. Each day my knowledge is being enhanced”. “We are introduced to lot of facts and websites and we expect a very challenging journey. We are looking into details now and there is something to learn every day and every time!” says a smiling Rohit Dey.

The New ones were really surprised by the welcome “Goodies” they got! Each of the Management Trainees is given a Sony Viao notebook and a Samsung Galaxy phones. Amanpreet and Shruti Aarya expressed it this way – “the Goodies were beyond expectations!”

The organizers of the training sessions, Neerja Bhaskar and Shelly Panika, have put in months of hard work, organizing and planning these training sessions to give them the best CIL can offer in terms of knowledge and create a congenial atmosphere for the learning process. “Neerja Ma’am and Shelly see to it that each of our doubts is cleared and we are comfortable. These are well-planned training sessions… Hats off to them” says Shruti Aarya. Eshu Jain appreciates the efforts of the organizers. “Well defined and structured training sessions” says Eshu. Amanpreet was fascinated by the “sense of uniformity” that prevails in CIL.

The best part of the training sessions is, the veterans like Sharad Ji and Mani sharing their experiences. Haaris Jamal feels privileged to be part of it, where as Priyanka feels CIL has “an ocean of knowledge!” to share.

It was an overwhelming experience for these young ones at CIL. Their first job, the dawn has just begun for them. Their first little steps! Way to go for these little ones here. We Wish You All, All the Best!

Priya Chandrakanth

Corporate Communications Executive

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