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Social Media Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

When we talk about social media, names such as twitter, facebook, bookmarking websites such as digg, delcious flood our thoughts.If we talk about the traditional marketing methods such as TV/Radio/Print media, we would observe that they can be called a forced kind of advertising. The people who experience traditional marketing media are actually interrupted while they are watching their favorite tv show, news or listening to their favorite radio show. Thus it can be said that these traditional ads are actually forced upon the users. Now if we compare this with social media marketing, it would involve the creation of a blog by the company which would be highlighting the product features, benefits and essential information which will attract users who are actually interested in knowing about the product. Thus the users shall be visiting the blog by their own choice and would not be forced by unwanted advertisements. The users in social media marketing are empowered to post feedback in the form or comments or email in case they are not convinced about the product or would want more information. Social media marketing efforts are more inclined towards user engagement while traditional marketing is aimed at forceful promotion and awareness. There is much more to discuss which shall happen at Social Media Breakfast.

The blog is written by Anushka Suri, SMB Member from Compare Infobase Limited.

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Conclusion- Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The Fifth Social Media Breakfast held at Sagar Ratna Janakpuri on 28th May 2010. Breakfast started with the trending topic – Social Media Marketing vs Traditional marketing. We came across some important facts and figures that brought up an interesting discussion whether social media marketing on its way to replace traditional marketing?

A live example of Dell was brought up during the discussion where the customers tried to spoil the brand in Social Media. We discussed how Brand Equity is much larger in Traditional Marketing than in Social Media Marketing. Everyone agreed that Social Media are exciting new ways for knowing your customers in a better way and if you are a new player in the market how beneficial it can be to promote the business through Social Media.

In the end everyone concluded that 1) As Social Media practitioners we need to truly understand what is going on in our industry. Otherwise, we are doing a disservice to our customers and future as marketers. 2)Social Media is not going to replace Traditional Marketing but Traditional Marketing and Social Media needs to be integrated. 3) Marketers can be as accountable with Social Media Marketing as Traditional Marketing.

The blog is written by Anurag Arora, SMB member from Compare Infobase Limited.