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Celebrating the 100th Social Media Breakfast – The Finale

Today Social Media Breakfast completed its 100th Meetup. Quite a feat compared to any other tech meetup in town. This was the Finale, the last milestone in a long journey. Over these last 100 meetups we attempted to discuss, dissect, analyze and learn all possible dimensions of Social Media and the Tech Evolution. It was a wonderful ride with weekly conversations over breakfast. The topic for the Finale was ‘Kal Aaj Aur Kal’, an attempt to look back at the journey so far and celebrate this milestone, and then to discuss how we can keep this momentum going

100 Meetups Over Two Years

On April 30th 2010, 9 people met and started the Social Media Breakfast in Delhi. What started as conversations over coffee about social media, soon evolved into a weekly Meetup of organized discussions on Social Media. The discussion and debates covered all possible dimensions of Social Media. Looking back at the last 2 years, we condensed all major topics we have discussed (see image below)

What did it mean for us?

Here’s a brief list of comments and experiences shared by the participants today

  • It was a sharing platform with an informal setting. (Kaushik Pal)
  • Interesting conversations every Friday (Daman Anand)
  • It took a life of its own, knowledge sharing and debates were the highlights (Komal Puri)
  • Helped us evolve on how we looked at Internet & Social Media (Mani Singh)
  • It made me read every night before the meetup, worth it! (Anonymous)
  • The learning was helpful at work (Nivesh Sharma)
  • Listening to experienced folks (Ravi Mathur)
  • Helped me go deeper about Social Media concepts and strategies (Amanpreet)
  • Refreshing Fridays (Ramandeep)
  • Loved the breakfasts, Plus it helped expand my horizon (Sunil Gupta)
  • This was ongoing learning, week after week (Gaurav Shukla)
  • Learnt from our experiences speakers (Anshul Chopra)
  • A Unique merger of experiences folks and newbies, made it worth the while (Aashish)
  • We kept to the dates, kept it going, providing value each Friday (Simarprit Singh)

What’s Next

We decided to continue the Meetups, and change the format to a monthly schedule. Last saturday of the month with a different venue. Perhaps from last saturday of May 2012. It would be better organized with speakers and more member participation in organizing the event. One suggestion which would be worth implementing is creating a knowledge-bank of all the good resources which come out of these Meetups. Just looking at the extensive list of topics we covered over the last two years, it would have been wonderful to have a repository of all the resources, leaving a legacy behind.


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