Is social media BtoC only :20th Social Media Breakfast

Is Social Media for B to C only?
Our social media group tried to find out the answer of this question in 20th Social Media Breakfast.
As, India is an emerging economy and small and medium business organizations are playing a big role in this. Such organizations already use internet up to an extent for their business interests. Indian market is mature enough to adopt internet now and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has already made a strong base. In this scenario how Social Media can play a role, is a topic of discussion.

“Though, Social Media is already using B2B , but in an indirect way ” Simar put this statement. And, most of the group members were agree on that. The conversion and measurement statistics from Social Media is not clear upto now. However, there are few case studies in this, but they are never projected as B2B.

Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast

If, social media is all about user generated content and its sharing over the network in a raw technical definition, the usage of comments,forums and blogs also increases with social networking. However, it was a debatable issue among the group, which components should be added as a tool for B2B social media.

Although, group was also agree at this point that B2B and B2C in social media can not be learn in an academic way.Since, the scenario of internet and taste of users change in a fast way with social media,its not easy to put an appropriate matrix for social media.

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